Websites I love

Chewy: The go-to marketplace for me. Toys, treats and anything else you can think of for your fur-child! Everything ships quickly and customer service is very efficient. Plus, they sent me a handwritten Christmas card. How great is that?

Ivywest Golden Retrievers: The place that started it all for us! These are the breeders that we received Tucker from. Located near Charlottesville, VA, they are a phenomenal family and I highly recommend you checking out the website if you are interested in a golden retriever.

Whistle Activity Monitor: I recently purchased a Whistle Activity Monitor for Tucker and is has not disappointed me. Like a Fitbit for dogs, it measures a dogs activities like walking and running in minutes–it also tracks their rest. It’s very easy now to tell when Tucker might need a little more activity or when he’s ready to rest. To learn even more about my experiences, visit this article. 

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue: While we went the breeder route, many others go the rescue route. This is one such group dedicated to finding fur-ever homes for golden retrievers and those similar in temperament to golden retrievers. They are a wonderful organization to support and my parents adopted their golden, Oliver from there.

Barkbox: A co-worker of mine told me about this last year and I signed up for it. I admit that Tucker is quite spoiled but he’s also a puppy who needs plenty of distractions and things to keep him out of trouble. This is a cool box that comes once a month and includes treats, toys, and other fun items for your pup. The only downside:  Tucker now thinks every package is his.

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