Tucker’s Travels

Happy September! We have some cooler weather and I so wish it would last but they said another heat wave next week. September will usher in several changes in our lives as I take on a new job and I’m a bit anxious with all the changes that will be happening next week so I’m going to try and enjoy this weekend to the fullest.

Last week my husband and I went on a trip to London! I’ve never been and it was so cool. Tucker was well taken care of with my parents and Spenser and Oliver. He’ll be seeing more of them this fall as we’re moving back to their area and I know they just love each other so much. Of course, Tucker’s still having some colitis issues that he’s being treated for. I’m hoping with all these upcoming changes, it doesn’t get worse but we’ll just have to see. Positive pooping thoughts please! (yep, I just wrote that!)

Here’s a question for you- when you travel, do you leave a guide for your pet sitter–even if they’ve watched your pet before? We have a Tucker guide and depending on who watches Tucker, it can be anywhere from a page to a few pages. I like to write everything I can think of so no one gets surprised. My parents who have watched Tucker several times laugh at this. However, when we picked him up on Sunday, here was an exchange between my dad and I:

Dad- Tucker tore up a blanket. Pretty minor.

Carly:  Did you read the guide? I said not to leave blankies with him.

Dad- Oh yeah, I actually read it two days after he did it.


Anyway, there’s a lot of cute stories I’ve seen since we’ve been awhile. Here’s a few!

Blind dog led by his canine pal: I just love love love this story! It just shows how loving dogs can be.

Puppy with Purpose: Of course, I believe all puppies have a purpose but there are some really amazing pups out there. Of course the Today Show profiled Wrangler and now has Charlie. Best of luck Wrangler and I love seeing Charlie and his noise cancelling headphones!

Hugging pup: Full disclosure, I may have profiled this dog before, I can’t remember. But I think this is so cute. I want to find her next time I go to NYC!

And in DUH news: Dogs understand us! Of course they do, but like children and husbands, they have selective hearing! I frequently ask Tucker if he has his listening ears on.

Hope you have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend planned!



Sunshine for Days

Hello again!

This week seemed to go by pretty quickly which was nice and we’re all settled into this nice little heat dome. This means early early early morning walks and short walks after the sun goes down. Boo. But, safety first and we have to protect our pups and ourselves. I hope you are all drinking plenty of water! I’m excited because tomorrow morning Tucker is going swimming so I am sure that will feel good for him! Right now he is snoozing on the couch which looks like a mighty fine idea for me. Screw laundry and cleaning, right?

Here are a few more things I saw this week that made me smile:

Trust Falls: I think this is so goofy! He made me laugh.

Police Dogs Graduate: Sadly, it’s a scary time in our country to be a police officer. These brave men and women protect us everyday. But let’s not forget that there are also K-9 cops who protect us too. Best wishes to these furry new police graduates!

If I could Talk: Ok dog lovers, fair warning. This will make you cry. It’s so sweet but it will make you cry. So if you have to be out in public in a few hours, just wait until you can stay home and have a big sob.

Also, a reminder that today is #CleartheShelters, an initiative to help pets find their Furever Homes. And if you can’t get there today, make every day a #CleartheShelters day.

I hope you are staying cool wherever you are.



Case of the Mondays..

Does anyone else have a case of the Mondays or is it just me? I definitely did not want to get out of bed this morning and I felt like I ran a marathon before I even got to work. It’s certainly hard to go back to work after last week’s holiday shortened week. I thought since I haven’t posted some of my favorite stories recently, I would do so today instead of waiting until the end of the week.


Let’s just stay in bed Mommy..

26 pictures that sum up what it’s like to have a dog that won’t leave you alone:  Because I bet your dog is sitting on you as you read this post.

Mama Dog Observes her baby and he may not be the brightest in the litter: We’ve all been this puppy. And we’ve probably all been like his mom while watching someone else. Frankly, anytime I see someone clearly doing that Pokemon game, I feel like this mom.

New Jersey Senate Passes Bill That Bans Puppy Mill Sales In New Pet Stores: This bill is on it’s way to consideration in the New Jersey Assembly. According to HSUS, if enacted, the bill will protect New Jersey consumers by prohibiting the sale of puppies from the worst puppy mills. The bill would require New Jersey pet dealers to be licensed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture and free of certain Animal Welfare Act violations to sell dogs to New Jersey consumers. The bill also prohibits any pet dealer who violates these provisions three times from selling in the state. Additionally, any new pet stores would be prohibited from selling puppy mill puppies under the proposed law. Let’s get this passed Jersey!

And then there’s my poop humor…

Inline image 1

Hopefully you had a great Monday!


4th of July Staycation

Every year since we’ve had Tucker, the semi crazy dog dad has gone on a 4th of July vacation back to Indiana. I’ve never joined and it’s mainly because his parents can’t stand me for too long- probably because I am a Democrat and a lapsed Catholic. I kid, I kid. Not about the Democrat or lapsed Catholic part, that’s all true, but about his parents not being able to stand me. I know they like me. He mainly goes and plays about 100 rounds of golf with his dad and I’m much happier being back here taking care of Tucker without having to find a sitter for him. Plus, I don’t have to have my mother in-law’s judgy eyes on me when I finish a bottle of wine in a day (er, one sitting).

Again, kidding-not about the wine consumption, but about the judgy eyes. Actually, maybe I’m not….

This is an important staycation for Tucker and I because we are not left alone together very often for a long period of time. The semi crazy dog dad rarely travels for work and it’s important that Tucker knows he has to listen to me.

Frequently if the semi crazy dog dad is out, Tucker thinks he is the boss. He doesn’t like to settle, he grabs the blankets and runs around, he wants to play and play and play and yes, he even tries to assert some dominance over me (I’ll let you figure out what that means). However, during this vacation, we are usually able to establish the rules fairly quickly that I am in charge. This year it helped that the weather wasn’t been too hot and humid and we had great walks. I always say a tired dog is a good dog! I’m not going to say that Tucker doesn’t try to get away with stuff. The last night of our staycation, I took him out and he came back, jumped on the couch and grabbed the blanket and started running around the apartment with it. It was 11 pm. However, I love this staycation because it gives us some one on one time and reminds Tucker that I can be the boss. Plus I don’t get judgy eyes from him when I consume a bottle of wine. In one sitting.


Tucker and I enjoying one last drink before our staycation ended.

I hope whatever you did for the 4th that you had a great holiday. Here’s some glimpses of ours.

PS- No inlaws were harmed at the writing of this blog, and yes I did show it to the crazy dog dad before publishing..




Thanks to BROKEGIFS.TUMBLR.COM for the Bravo TV gif

Happy July!

Happy July! I have to admit, my creative juices have been a bit on summer break. Given the fact that I haven’t seen as many blog posts from some of the other regulars I follow, I think the same is true for a lot of people!

Last weekend we saw Tucker’s favorites- his Gran and Bar and his Uncles Oliver and Spenser. He even got to see Bailey, my brother’s dog who he adores. It was a good weekend- I got to go to a Dixie Chicks concert and the crazy dog dad got to golf a few times. And of course, Tucker got to play and play and play.

This weekend is 4th of July and Tucker and I are enjoying some nice weather that DC has given us- not too hot and humid which makes for some good walking weather (and also maybe some good wine drinking weather on the balcony!).

I’m on the hunt for a good bone to give Tucker–he’s a super chewer and can get bored easily. We give him knuckles but he’s been known to break a few chunks off . Any suggestions? Does anyone feed the dog frozen marrow bones? I’m curious as to how those are…

Just leaving you with one funny clip I saw this week. The crazy dog dad sent this to me and I honestly could not stop laughing. Seriously, this couple could be me. If you only knew how much I talked about poop, or woke up in the night asking where Tucker was, you would know..

And here are a few photos from Tucker’s latest adventures…

Tucker’s Vacation

Everyone gets excited about vacation, right? I know I definitely do but it also brings up some fear and anxiety because of arrangements we have to make for Tucker. As you know by now, I absolutely hate not including Tucker in everything we do, but I also know it’s healthy for all of us to have some time away. We don’t go away often and we’ve been pretty lucky with the sitters we choose for Tucker but this time we were going for over a week. Whenever Tucker is in a new surrounding, he tends to get a little nervous, pull his sitter on walks, etc. The last time we left him for a long weekend, I brought a blanket for him to sleep on but told the sitter to remove the blanket whenever she left him alone. Well, I came back to a blanket with holes all over so I knew that he chewed it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not upset with the sitter, I should not have brought the blanket. However, I knew I wanted someone this time I really trusted and I also wanted Tucker to be around other dogs he knew. I thought he might be calmer that way and enjoy himself more.

Enter Aunt Becky and Uncle Kevin at the Kind Hearted Pet Resort near Harrisburg, PA. Sure, it was two and a half hours from us, but my family has been taking their goldies to them for 15 years. They have a big property, bedrooms for the dogs and unlimited amounts of attention and love. They personally meet every dog before they visit and have them do a tour of a property. They only take a few dogs at a time and your dog doesn’t interact with another dog staying there unless of course, they come together (like Tucker and my brother’s dog Bailey who roomed together). They are also very affordable which is wonderful considering all the services they offer!

Aunt Becky and Uncle Kevin are dog lovers who treat your dogs as their own. We dropped Tucker off with my typical instructions- two pages full of what he eats, what he does, etc. Becky took the time to review them, noting Tucker’s quriks and telling me about the walks he’d go on, the treasure hunts they’d have and movies they watched. As I mentioned, Tucker was rooming with my brother’s 9 year old goldie and my parents two goldies had another bedroom. Usually when we leave a sitter’s, Tucker tries to go with us. Not this time, he was too busy in the play yard exploring with Bailey. And I heard several times that Bailey really helped Tucker out and showed him the ropes. Thanks B!

I texted Becky a few times over vacation- which she encourages and got updates and photos (and a video!) whenever I requested. I tried really hard not to bug too much. Usually when I would leave Tucker with a sitter, I was never quite sure if they even followed by instructions but that was never in question here. I knew Tucker was safe and even more importantly, I trusted and knew if there was an issue, Becky would contact me ASAP.

When we picked Tucker up last Sunday, he was so joyful- running around and playful and he didn’t want to get in the car right away. Becky told me that he and Bailey had a great time playing and wrestling and that she could “just kiss Tucker’s face off.” Tucker got in the car and spent the next 20 miles or so looking backward through the window–like he wanted to stay and play. Don’t get me wrong, he was happy to see us but I think he was also sad to leave Aunt Becky and Uncle Kevin and his Bailey who he had the best time playing with.

When I asked Tucker about his vacation, he politely told me “what happens at the resort stays at the resort.” However, when pushed further, he did tell me he had lots of great walks, had toy treasure hunts, watched some good movies and had some great wrestling time with Bailey. He said he got lots of love from Becky and Kevin and the other staff at Kind Hearted Pet Resort. He said he ate well and rested well.

I am so happy Tucker had such a great time at the Kind Hearted Pet Resort. He seems rather bored by me this week but I’m trying not to be offended- that just means he had a great time! Thanks again to Aunt Becky, Uncle Kevin and everyone at the Kind Hearted Pet Resort for making Tucker’s vacation so good!


Tucker at the Kind Hearted Pet Resort