Baby Mama!

Welllll it’s been awhile!

It’s been an interesting year for Tucker -he’s now a big brother to a little precocious baby girl who was born in July. While they say dog’s sense pregnancy, I’m not exactly sure that was true with Tucker until about 6 weeks before Magnolia was born. Anyway, I do believe that being  a dog mom has helped me with Magnolia, though yes, I admit it didn’t prep me that great (the car seats, the snaps on the onesies, the carriers…things I didn’t have to deal with for a puppy). Tucker has been great and Magnolia is a terrific baby…an the other night I thought, hey! I have a fair amount to say – maybe I’ll write a few blog posts! Here’s the thing though…

my baby has major FOMO during the day. I am blessed blessed blessed that she sleeps well at night…but during the day, naps are hit or miss…so when they happen, I frantically run around the house getting things done before she wakes up…or I’m napping too. And then some of the ideas I’ve had for posts go magically out of my brain. Yes, pregnancy brain is real and so is mom brain.

That being said, I am going to write a few things…and yes, Tucker will be featured prominently as well from time to time, but he’s been busy being a big brother, so you’ll excuse him if he doesn’t get in his posts…


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