An update…

Yep, you can say it a thousand times. I’m horrible at updating this blog. It’s not that I don’t want to, I have a million of ideas , it’s just putting those ideas in my head down on paper (or the screen) and doing it. Also, I try to avoid the computer as much as possible away from work, choosing to be present with Tucker and my family, reading, yoga, or something else (maybe involving wine).  Whatever it is, I need to get back to this blog.  And today, on a hot day where my husband is suffering from a summer cold,  it seems like a good time to tuck in and work on this blog.

My last post was about Tucker’s journey on Prozac. An update–he’s still on it and doing great. Storms are still an issue but we’ve found that he likes to go in our bedroom and sleep on the bed when those happen so we’re trying to have him be as relaxed as possible during any storms. Last night we had one and he was able to go upstairs with my husband and relax on the bed. I’d like to get to a point where we don’t have to stop our lives where we are home with him, but every little non reaction to a noise or thunder is progress.

Stay tuned for a post on our Dewey Beach trip and how we’re all adjusting to life in Harrisburg, PA.

One thought on “An update…

  1. Word. The storm struggle is real. I’m glad that Tucker has a “safe space” and that it makes him feel better to be there.

    We’re still struggling with our dog’s weather- and other- induced anxiety, but have accepted that while there are some things we can do to help (like staying calm, letting him occupy his “safe space,” and putting down a water dish), there’s probably nothing we can ever do to eliminate a very natural and fearful reaction to storm. It’s especially heartbreaking when we’re away during a storm or have to leave him along during his time of panic!

    Have you considered a white noise machine? B and I got one for us, but I think it sometimes helps Kilroy. When the noise machine is on high, he sometimes doesn’t realize it’s raining or thundering until he comes out of our bedroom. It thundered for about 20 minutes today before he realized it was panic time!

    We are dreading July 4th fireworks…..

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