The ‘Burbs

First off, I’ve noticed I have a few new followers of this blog and my facebook page. Thanks so much to you all! I hope you enjoy this page and please always feel free to let me know if you want to see something featured. I promise to get back into regular blogging. Can you believe that this was the first weekend since early September that we had absolutely no plans? Between starting a new job/commuting/moving/settling in I am physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. Wine helps–and so does Tucker!

So, we now live in the suburbs as opposed to the big city. It’s a bit quieter, a bit darker, and we have a lot of deer. A. Lot. I have a bit of a deer fear but it’s slowly getting better as I encounter them more and more here. The other morning I was eating breakfast and Tucker was sitting out on this gorgeous deck we now have. All of a sudden, I saw him stand up and look out into the wooded area. Now, our deck doesn’t have any stairs going down to the grass so I knew he wouldn’t go anywhere, but I looked out and he was in a stare down with a deer kid. Then I saw the deer run off with his brother or sister and a few minutes later I saw a huge elk–or a moose with antlers. Fingers crossed we see no bears.

I’ve made mention how proud I am of Tucker for adjusting to everything. I can’t imagine what its like but dogs are incredible adapters. After going back and forth between his Gran’s house and our place in Arlington, I think he’s happy to have all his toys in one place and new places to sniff. I made sure that before we moved into our townhome, that Tucker got to see it and sniff before we had any stuff in it. Then as the movers were coming, I took him back to my parents house an once we got everything move in, he came back. No need for extra chaos!

There are a lot of dogs in our neighborhood but it’s definitely quieter and smaller than the busy-ness of Arlington, VA. It’s nice that he gets more puppy play time with my parents and brother’s dog, and I think he enjoys that. We were also fortunate to move to a neighborhood that has nice well lit walking paths which were a must for us. This week will be another new thing-if the crazy dog dad’s been travelling, I usually drop Tucker off at my parents to spend the day with his Uncle Oliver but this week we’re trying out a new dog walker so Tucker will be at our place the whole day. I’m hoping it works out well.

Now as we settle in, I’m looking to continue our regular routines, just in a new place. That’s what I feel helps Tucker the best. Has anyone else moved recently?