The Big Move

Hello again fur-iends. It’s been awhile. 5 weeks ago, I left the crazy world of DC for the calmer streets of Harrisburg, PA. Tucker has split time between the two places as my husband and I wrapped up our lease in Arlington. The good news is that I have loads of ideas for the blog now and I’m looking forward to sharing all with you. But before I dig a big hole, here’s some things I’ve learned over the past 5 weeks:

  • Tucker is Awesome. I knew this, of course but I have stressed over the last 5 weeks about his well being. Because I was starting a new job, Tucker split time between living with me and my parents and their pups and the semi crazy dog Dad in Arlington. I know at times it wasn’t easy and I definitely lost my temper when his listening ears weren’t on but he’s really been good with all the newness.
  • Family is a lifesaver. Again, I knew this but I can’t tell you how much my family has stepped up to help with Tucker. And the semi crazy dog dad has been great with my freak outs as well.
  • It’s not easy being the new kid on the block at work. There have been some tears. I miss a lot of people in Arlington, but it’s nice to have a better schedule and an easier commute which means more time with Tucker.
  • Routines are awesome an I’m glad we’re finally getting back into better ones. I really worked hard to keep Tucker on some sort of the same routine up here that we were used to. The hardest times we had sometimes was when our routine was off track.

I can’t wait to share more with you as we settle into our new home. On Monday we are celebrating Tucker’s 3rd birthday and I’m so excited to celebrate in our new home. Until then,. here’s a few snaps.

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