Weekly Recaps- The Golden Boy of Summer

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a thorough blog post. I’ll blame the dog days of summer (I’m ready for cooler temperatures), some travel, and the Summer Olympics. Ok, and maybe some laziness on my part.

During the last heat dome at the end of July, we were able to take Tucker swimming which he had a blast at. Since then, we had a little better weather walking wise minus this past weekend which has truly been close to the 7th circle of hell. Last weekend we were visiting Tucker’s grandparents in Pennsylvania where he had great fun with his Uncles Oliver and Spenser and he got to see his cousin Bailey (who is Spenser’s littermate so it’s sort of Uncle-Cousin Bailey). We’ve watched a lot of Olympics. So much so that Tucker has put himself to bed a few times before we’ve finished watching.

There are going to be some changes in the next few months that I am excited about but also very nervous. We have a move coming up and while I think it will be very good, I am worried about Tucker will handle it. I know ultimately he will be fine, but it will certainly be an adjustment. The good news is that we will be back with family and he’ll see Spenser, Oliver and Bailey all the time so that will be a comfort.

Before I get into this week’s stories, I’d like for you all to have the LCC K-9 comfort dogs in your thoughts and prayers. These therapy dogs and their handlers were caught in crossfire over the weekend and while it could have been way worse, they still need all our love.

Here’s something that made me smile and some photos from our adventures. Have fun watching week 2 of the Olympics!

Take Your Dog to Work: Can anyone do this? This article examines workplaces that allow dogs and find that it’s less stress. Tucker’s not sure he wants to go to work- he has a busy social life away from us!

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