It’s Getting Hot in Here…

Avid readers of my blog know that I usually have some comment about the weather. And when you walk your dog as much as I do, I’m sure you all pay close attention to the weather too!

I have to admit, that while the cold and snowy weather is no fun and dangerous to dogs, I hate the heat and humidity more. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but I hate it sometimes for Tucker and all our furry friends out there. He loves to walk so much but when it’s hot and humid, I have no choice but to limit our walks for his safety.

So what do I do? How do I prepare for a walk and what do I do if it’s just too hot and humid to go for a long walk?

Well, first things first, I usually save the longer walks for first thing in the morning or after the sun goes down and limit any walks in between. Luckily, this isn’t too hard on days we work. Next, I’m usually checking the weather to see what it’s like outside and the dewpoint level. Here’s a handy chart on dewpoints so you know what you are stepping out to:

Image result for dewpoints

If I know the walk may be a bit longer or it’s very hot, I bring water along. The Gulpy is great for these walks! He may not always need or want it, but at least it’s there. I also have some routes I go to for maximum amount of shade. Don’t forget about their paws on hot pavement! I hate the fact that one of Tucker’s favorite parks has absolutely zero shade so it can be hard to get to when it’s real warm out.

When you are back inside, make sure your pup has plenty of access to water and a cool place. I sometimes use a cool washcloth on Tucker. Finally, because I know our outside time is limited, I play with him inside! Our apartment isn’t huge but I’m able to play tug and he can chase the ball a little bit inside.

Before we know it the weather will cool and I’ll be talking about snowstorms. Stay cool my friends!


Flashback Friday, Remember all this snow and cold weather??


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