Tucker’s Vacation

Everyone gets excited about vacation, right? I know I definitely do but it also brings up some fear and anxiety because of arrangements we have to make for Tucker. As you know by now, I absolutely hate not including Tucker in everything we do, but I also know it’s healthy for all of us to have some time away. We don’t go away often and we’ve been pretty lucky with the sitters we choose for Tucker but this time we were going for over a week. Whenever Tucker is in a new surrounding, he tends to get a little nervous, pull his sitter on walks, etc. The last time we left him for a long weekend, I brought a blanket for him to sleep on but told the sitter to remove the blanket whenever she left him alone. Well, I came back to a blanket with holes all over so I knew that he chewed it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not upset with the sitter, I should not have brought the blanket. However, I knew I wanted someone this time I really trusted and I also wanted Tucker to be around other dogs he knew. I thought he might be calmer that way and enjoy himself more.

Enter Aunt Becky and Uncle Kevin at the Kind Hearted Pet Resort near Harrisburg, PA. Sure, it was two and a half hours from us, but my family has been taking their goldies to them for 15 years. They have a big property, bedrooms for the dogs and unlimited amounts of attention and love. They personally meet every dog before they visit and have them do a tour of a property. They only take a few dogs at a time and your dog doesn’t interact with another dog staying there unless of course, they come together (like Tucker and my brother’s dog Bailey who roomed together). They are also very affordable which is wonderful considering all the services they offer!

Aunt Becky and Uncle Kevin are dog lovers who treat your dogs as their own. We dropped Tucker off with my typical instructions- two pages full of what he eats, what he does, etc. Becky took the time to review them, noting Tucker’s quriks and telling me about the walks he’d go on, the treasure hunts they’d have and movies they watched. As I mentioned, Tucker was rooming with my brother’s 9 year old goldie and my parents two goldies had another bedroom. Usually when we leave a sitter’s, Tucker tries to go with us. Not this time, he was too busy in the play yard exploring with Bailey. And I heard several times that Bailey really helped Tucker out and showed him the ropes. Thanks B!

I texted Becky a few times over vacation- which she encourages and got updates and photos (and a video!) whenever I requested. I tried really hard not to bug too much. Usually when I would leave Tucker with a sitter, I was never quite sure if they even followed by instructions but that was never in question here. I knew Tucker was safe and even more importantly, I trusted and knew if there was an issue, Becky would contact me ASAP.

When we picked Tucker up last Sunday, he was so joyful- running around and playful and he didn’t want to get in the car right away. Becky told me that he and Bailey had a great time playing and wrestling and that she could “just kiss Tucker’s face off.” Tucker got in the car and spent the next 20 miles or so looking backward through the window–like he wanted to stay and play. Don’t get me wrong, he was happy to see us but I think he was also sad to leave Aunt Becky and Uncle Kevin and his Bailey who he had the best time playing with.

When I asked Tucker about his vacation, he politely told me “what happens at the resort stays at the resort.” However, when pushed further, he did tell me he had lots of great walks, had toy treasure hunts, watched some good movies and had some great wrestling time with Bailey. He said he got lots of love from Becky and Kevin and the other staff at Kind Hearted Pet Resort. He said he ate well and rested well.

I am so happy Tucker had such a great time at the Kind Hearted Pet Resort. He seems rather bored by me this week but I’m trying not to be offended- that just means he had a great time! Thanks again to Aunt Becky, Uncle Kevin and everyone at the Kind Hearted Pet Resort for making Tucker’s vacation so good!


Tucker at the Kind Hearted Pet Resort

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