Back in the Saddle Again

Well, we’re back from vacation and each one of us enjoyed ourselves. I promise Tucker will be recapping his adventures at some point this weekend, but in the meantime I think he’s happy to be home but missing his dog family.

We are having a pretty low key weekend after our adventures of the previous few weeks. Additionally, I’ll be traveling next week for work so Tucker and the semi-crazy dog dad will be bacheloring it up. And, the heat and humidity are back in force this weekend. How I’ve loved the past 2 days of no humidity and cooler temperatures for our walks.

Speaking of summer, have you seen this information from the Journal of the American Medical Association? Something to keep in mind…of course, I’m that wacko that will put her hands down on the concrete to see how hot it is for his paws…also, check out the dew points too before you go out- the higher the dewpoint, the stickier it is!

Now that I’m off that soapbox, here’s some things I’ve seen the last few weeks that have made me laugh (and cry)

Bretagne passes away– I’m sure you’ve all  heard about this, Bretagne the last known search and rescue dog from 9/11 passed away earlier this week at the age of 16. Rest in peace sweet angel, you are an amazing dog.

Does your dog have an Emergency Plan? True story, the other night I was in the shower when I heard the fire alarm go off. Now, our apartment smoke alarms are VERRRY sensitive but rarely does the full building fire alarm go off. I wasn’t even sure if that’s what it was at first but luckily the semi crazy dog dad got me out of the shower. I was worried Tucker would freak the you know what out about the noise but he loved this fire alarm since it meant EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS BUDDIES WAS OUTSIDE AT THE SAME TIME! Luckily, this wasn’t anything serious, BUT it got me thinking that we need to have a plan in case we aren’t home one day and this happens. This article is helpful in getting something together!

Toddler Steals Dog’s Treat: Toddlers I tell you, nothing but trouble.

We’ll be back later this weekend…


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