Soaking it all in

Do you know that dream you have when its Christmas morning and there’s all the presents under the tree and then you wake up before you get to open them? I frequently have another version of that dream- we’re on vacation and all of a sudden it’s the last day and I don’t know where the other days have gone. I wake up so upset and unsettled.

Well my friends, today is the last full day of our vacation though I don’t feel upset or unsettled. We’ve had a wonderful vacation full of sun, sand and surf. I’ve dropped my “no drinking during the week” rule and haven’t worked out. I’ve read two books and am on my third.

But (and you know there was going to be a but), I am anxious to get back home and get back in the routine as seamlessly as possible. I miss Tucker and our walks and our play time. I know he’s been having a great time and I’ve been a bit less stressed knowing that he’s with his  friends and a very trusted pet resort my parents have been using for almost 15 years. He will recap his vacation for you all next week when he’s back.

I want to get back to our time because I will actually only be home a week before I have to go to California for a few days for work so I am going to need all the dog snuggles I can get. Mostly though, while I’ve had a wonderful time there’s a big part missing and that’s Tucker.

And I have to say, it’s much nicer coming home from vacation when you know you have a pup waiting for you- I only hope he wants to come home from his vacation!

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