Hello all!

I’m coming to you from our family¬†vacation- 6 adults and 2 kids and the remnants of tropical storm (GO AWAY BONNIE!). Tucker is enjoying some time away from us at a nice pet resort with his golden retriever uncles and cousin. As much as¬†I hate being away from my boy, I know it’s good for all of us to have a little break. Actually that’s a big fat lie. If I could, I would bring Tucker with us- I like routines, I like having my pup with me. But I know he needs some time away from us- I know it’s good for him to hang with his dog family. He gets to run and swim and have toy and treasure hunts and have movie nights. I know it’s good for him to hang out with Aunt Becky and Uncle Kevin and get some love from them.

I know it’s also good for me- I don’t have to worry if there are socks on the floor or if I want to stay out a little later at the beach bar. I don’t have to check the weather constantly to see how hot it is or if it’s going to rain on our walk. I can read a book in a day. I can actually have a piece of cheese or a banana without someone staring at me and drooling.

But still…I miss that cute little face. Every dog I see, I want to hug and kiss. I’ve checked in with the pet resort a few times to check on Tucker. I’m trying to be good about that but it’s hard. Wine helps. Wine definitely helps. Also, I know that I’ll be reunited with him at the end of next week- I just hope he wants to come home!

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