The Week That Was: A Few of our Favorite Things

Hello! I hope you all had a great week. My week was bit like riding a roller coaster- and have I mentioned I’m not a huge fan of roller coasters? There’s nothing that I need to get into here but the weekend did a lot to heal my soul and I have to believe that’s because I spent so much time with my two favorite guys- my semi crazy dog husband and of course, my Tucker.

Today I am thinking of some of our favorite things. I have a yoga class that is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. I have never been a yogi- I previously found classes to be a bit boring to be honest and it’s actually harder for me to relax. However, a CorePower Yoga studio recently opened up near me and I had the chance to try it out for free and I’ve really  enjoyed it. It’s a good mix of exercises for me and it’s really helped me a lot. A few times a week I head over there while the crazy dog dad and Tucker have some guy time. One of Tucker’s favorite things is going to a local park near us. I’ve spoke of this many times on here and many of the photos of us out and about are from there. I think it’s his zen place so today after my class, we walked over there despite the rain.

With that said, here’s some things that made me smile this week, which I really needed. I’m looking forward to a new week beginning!

Top Customer: An 11 year old lab is a BBQ joint’s favorite customer. Because…labs!

Conversations you’ve had with your dog: I love things like this. Number 2 rings very true in our house.

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