The Week That Was Times 2


I’m getting really bad at doing this weekly recaps on time. I have an excuse for last week. I was up in PA with my golden retriever brother Spenser. Spenser, who will be 10 in September has cancer. It breaks my heart, but seeing him you would never know. He’s been going to radiation and he’s still the same bouncy happy puppy he has always been. I went with my dad last Monday to his last radiation treatment and he did great- and the tumor has shrunk a bit! He’s on oral chemo (meaning he will be taking pills) but we’re all keeping our paws crossed. He’s my special boy and really taught Tucker how to be a golden retriever. My parents have been absolute rock stars dealing with this and taking him two hours each way every week for radiation treatments. I know they would do anything for their fur-kids and real kids.


My sweet Spenser with the cone my mom made him- Camo padding on the side so no sharp edges!


The rest of the week past by in a bit of a blur. Up until late this week it had rained for over 2 weeks straight and then we got a one day break before it rained again on Saturday which made dog walks oh so fun (we still did them!) Other than that, a lot of the usual same stuff, which is good.

Here’s some things that made me smile this week:

15 Times You Disappointed Your Dog So Bad They Gave you The Look: Yep. And then because I am a sucker, I gave in.

Service Dog Gets Photo in the Yearbook: I love stories like this. I will repost every chance I get. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, these dogs are so amazing.

Dog Sneaks out of house to go to daycare: Of course, it’s a goldie.

A Day in the Life of a Dog Mom: I missed a post on Mother’s Day, but I loved these cartoons. I think every one of them summed up my life perfectly.

Hope you have a great week!

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