Dog Walks: Be as You Are

I have spent a good number of years walking dogs–be it my family’s pups,  other people’s dogs or my own. Little dogs, big dogs, dogs that want to walk, dogs that want to RUN, dogs that don’t want to walk and of course my favorite, dogs that pull! You name it, I’ve walked it. And in it, if you know what I mean…

Come on, you had to know I’d bring poop into this entry somehow!

This week I started thinking more about my dog walks. Traditionally, I was never a morning person. I love to sleep in. I love to stay up late. Oops, make that, I lovED to sleep in, I lovED to stay up late. In the two plus years since we have had Tucker, I’ve gone on a LOT of walks, especially in the mornings. I’m the one that gets up first in the morning, takes him out, feeds him and off we go on our long walk before I go to work.

And you know what I’ve found? I love these walks. He’s pretty calm and the neighborhoods around us are pretty sleepy, even during the workweek. I get a lot of thinking done on those morning walks- I think about the upcoming day, what I want to get done during the week or weekend. Sometimes I laugh at myself or other things going on, sometimes I cry at myself or other things going on. Sometimes I sing. Out Loud. Totally Embarrassing Tucker.

Every Thursday morning provided it’s not too cold, too hot, too snowy or too rainy, we walk to Arlington Ridge which overlooks Arlington and the DC skyline. Every Friday morning and Sunday Morning, we walk to Long Bridge Park, his favorite. Those two “special walks” do get him pulling a bit more than usual, but he settles in quick. The other days we find new and creative ways to go around the neighborhoods.

Quite frankly, it gets me ready for the day. On the days where I’m supposed to walk him but I’m traveling or can’t do the walk, I don’t feel quite right. Like I’m missing something.

Now, I haven’t mentioned Saturdays. Because Saturday is a blessed day. Saturday is my day of rest. My sleep in day. They become Jason and Dad days, or as we refer to them as: Dadderdays. Every Saturday, Tucker knows to paw at Jason because he will get up and they will go off on adventure. And for the record, Jason does the after work walks as well, and then we both do a short Family Walk after dinner. Like I said, we walk a lot.

How do you feel about walks? Where do you like to walk? Does your dog know what day it is when you go on a “special walk?” Tucker does…here are some of our walk poses the last two years!

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