Beach Retriever: Rehoboth Beach Part 2

untitled7We’re continuing our Rehoboth Beach Recap today…if you missed Part 1 of our beach recap never fear, you can catch up here.

So, we’ve discussed where we stayed and our first impressions on the beach. Now the restaurants…this is always challenging because due to the Health Code, we needed to find restaurants with patios or decks that we could sit at. This isn’t always easy to find on the Internet and many restaurants tend to change their rules without much notice. Luckily I had a cousin who has a beach house in Rehoboth and he told me a few places we could take Tucker. I was sad that DogFish Ale House in Rehoboth which is a very dog friendly establishment from everything I saw decided to close their patio permanently- no dogs or humans.

Even though the weather was cooler, it was nice to sit in the sun and we found that Grotto Pizza had a dog friendly patio. In fact, while eating we met another golden retriever, Puck who had just turned two. We enjoyed a few adult beverages, had some pizza and then made our way back to the beach for some fun in the sun.

After picking up some delicious beach treats- taffy, fudge and ice cream, we walked around the stores a bit. Everyone is SO DOG FRIENDLY THERE. Almost every store had a water bowl set out AND a bowl full of milkbones. Tucker was in heaven. Also, we could barely walk two feet without someone wanting to pet Tucker. Even in the offseason, it was pretty busy along the beach and storefronts. Tucker was a bit pull-y as expected but loved all the attention.

We went back to the hotel for a little break but before we did that, we noticed a small bar/grill called Arena’s Deli that said we could sit out there for dinner with Tucker. After a little bit of much needed rest, we fed Tucker and went back to Arena’s. It was pretty chilly by then so we ate quickly. We were all tired from our adventure so after a quick potty walk, we settled back in the hotel for the night.

The morning came quickly and we went back to the beach for one final walk/run- Tucker was so happy and I’m not sure he wanted to leave. If you are close to Rehoboth and are looking for a fun adventure with your dog, I would highly recommend it.


Tucker slept the whole way home.


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