Beach Retriever: Rehoboth Beach Part 1

I’ve always wanted to take Tucker to the beach- we only live a few hours away from the Maryland/Delaware/New Jersey beaches so I knew we could do it in the “off season.” However, I wasn’t sure exactly  how easy it would be- we could do a day trip, but I really wanted to find dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, etc. so we could stay a little bit and not feel rushed.

Enter Google. When I told a neighbor what we did, he asked me how I found all this stuff. The answer is and always will be Google. Who needs a college degree when you have Google? I’m kidding of course…the danger with the internet is sometimes you never quite know if it’s true.

I started by checking out some Delaware beaches- I’m a South Carolina beach girl so I’m not familiar with the rules and regulations of the Delaware beaches. I found that Rehoboth allows dogs on the beach with a leash from September 30 to May 1. We knew we wanted to go when the weather was a bit warmer so we picked a weekend in April where we thought we had the best chance weather wise. I researched dog friendly places and found the Atlantis Inn, which was about a block away from the beach. It was your typical motel, nothing fancy but it worked for us. Unlike most other places, we didn’t have to stay two nights and it was under $200.  The best part is that it borders a neighborhood which was essential for pottying! The Atlantis Inn just opened about two weeks ago for the season so it wasn’t too busy- and most of the people had dogs. I was a bit afraid of how Tucker would do in the hotel room- and he did bark a little bit but he settled in as best we could. We had hoped that maybe we could leave him in the room when we went to dinner, but he was so full of adrenaline after his first beach day, we knew we couldn’t.


Settling into the hotel room.


The other thing I couldn’t control was the weather- it could either be really warm or really cool. The weather has been challenging here this month and while we had sunny weather there, it wasn’t as warm as I had hoped. It was in the high 50s and low 60s.

When we got there, which took a little over 3 hours thanks to some DC traffic and construction (on the way back it took us just about two and a half hours), we checked in and went right to the beach. I had no idea what to expect, but Tucker LOVED it. He loved the sand, went down to the water and chased the waves a bit. The water is still very very cold so luckily he didn’t go in, but I suspect if it had been a bit warmer and if other dogs were in the water, he would have! The other nice thing was they have a huge boardwalk bordering the beach that is nice for walking if you don’t want to walk on the beach.

To keep this blog, a bit shorter, stay tuned to Part 2- Dog Friendly Restaurants in Rehoboth and other thoughts!

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