The week that was: year of yes

Again, I’m late with my weekly recap. I hate being late, having things overdue, etc. Monday night I was going to start writing- but then Tucker grabbed my hand while we were on the bed and wouldn’t stop batting me til I petted him. I took that to mean that enough was enough, time to cuddle and sleep. Sometimes the dog knows. Last night I started writing this on the train home, and then got derailed at home.

At the beginning of the year, I picked up a book by Shonda Rhimes called the Year of Yes. It’s about saying yes to your fears. I’ve been reading if slowly, picking it up from time to time but one of my resolutions was to do the same thing she did. Like most resolutions, this one kind of got lost in the shuffle but has picked up lately in a big way.

The 5k series I’m running is a start. The second was that last week I traveled to South Carolina to give a presentation for work for about 80 people on federal and state legislative issues. That was big for me as I can be a bit shy and I was pretty nervous but I rocked it! Or at least I was happy with myself. I was well prepared.

Finally (and now we are getting to the Tucker aspect!) I said yes to another trip. This past weekend we took Tucker to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. Now, this wasn’t exactly scary for me so it may not fully qualify for a #yearofyes status, but it did require some planning and thought. It was something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and gosh darn it, we did it! He had a great time and a full recap of the adventure will be up soon.

So here are some things I loved last week:

JoJo the Golden Retriever: A dog at the dentist! Growing up, I was terrified of the dentist and the orthodontist. Having a dog there definitely would have helped me!

15 Conversations Everyone has had with their their heads: This cracked me up.

Cookie Monster Outtakes: This is from Cookie’s Apple IPhone Siri Commercial. I love Cookie Monster. You should too.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for a beach recap. Here are two sneak peek photos!





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