Bad to the Chicken Bone

Last week I had planned a post on National Puppy Day, another post on pet insurance, and my usual weekly wrap up. What happened? Well, I came home from work on National Puppy Day to find Tucker had gotten sick- and we had two chicken bones- one completely whole one and one almost whole but missing an end on the carpet. Tucker  was not himself. Ugh. We assume that he got these bones on his walk with his dog walker and quickly there after he got sick. He wouldn’t eat but he was drinking water. Of course, I called the vet and they told me what to watch for and fortunately, Tucker started eating later that night and was a bit more playful and rested the whole night without incident. However, he was still not feeling himself the next morning and was sick again–this time (sorry this is graphic), I saw the other half of the second chicken bone. After that, he seemed to become more like himself, but we had to put him on the bland diet because his stomach was still unsettled. I’m beyond happy to report that he was fine after this very scary incident and has since got his Tucker spunk back, but lordy, let’s take a few more years off my life, shall we Tucker?

It’s so scary to think he could have choked on them or have gotten an obstruction or something else. We all try to be very careful with Tucker as he has a history of eating stuff, but accidents happen. It doesn’t help that we live in a very highly populated neighborhood near stores and restaurants and people who can’t seem to find the 800 garbage cans around the neighborhoods and instead throw their crap and discarded food on the ground (#thanks). We do the best that we can.  So, if you find yourself in my situation, please contact your vet and watch your dog. You can also turn to Dr. Google as I always do (which mostly just serves to freak me out). I found this article to be helpful. But, please always call your vet  if you are concerned.

I have had several talks with him this week on walks, reminding him that it’s not his job to “Keep Arlington beautiful.” and pick up after the slobs that don’t seem to have any care in the world. Let’s hope it sticks.

So, while I didn’t do any of my posts from last week, I will do so this week. Until then, here was a snapshot of last week!



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