Time keeps on ticking..

When I was a little girl, I always used to envision what would happen when I was a grown up. Where would I live? What would be my job? Would I be married to Prince William? This week I was thinking even more about the passage of time (and not because of Daylight Savings Time) as we also celebrated my birthday and my husband’s birthday and you never notice time more than when you age.

That got me thinking about Tucker- when he was a little fuzzbucket puppy, I used to wonder what he would be like when he “grew up.” I know that’s a silly thing to say to anyone who has ever owned a golden retriever or any dog really. We all know they never truly grow up and stay puppies for life. But I did wonder- and because sometimes I tend to forget memories, I wanted to make sure I wrote these down so I didn’t forget. Isn’t it great when you have a blog and can do that?

So, here it is- a few Tucker memories and things he does now at almost two and a half years old.

Snuggles and Sleep: When Tucker was a puppy, he slept in his crate at night but I couldn’t bear to be without puppy cuddles in the morning. So I would wake up around 5 AM, pull him out of his crate and take him out to the couch for snuggles. He would lay on top of me and snuggle into my neck, his  paws all over my face as we fell back to sleep. We continued to do this until he got too big and also, now he sleeps in bed. He still likes to snuggle in- not quite on my neck, but he likes to be near and we do get limbs tangled up sometimes. He also loves to sleep on his back! I know when he’s very tired and in a deep sleep when he’s on his back. It’s hysterical to wake up in the middle of the night and see 4 legs sticking straight up in the air.

Toys: Tucker loves his toys but we have very few stuffy soft toys as he destroys them in record time. However, he loves ropes. We’ve gone through countless rope toys and we could play tug for hours–and have. I joke I should have called him Tugger. I think sometimes people wonder why I play so much with Tucker and don’t always make him settle so I can get some more stuff done. In fact, I am up later on a Thursday working on this blog because I was playing tug. It’s because I know one day he might not want to play–and that will break my heart but when we get to that point, I’ll be happy to settle with him because that’s what he’ll want to do.

TOMS and UGGS: This is bad. I shouldn’t allow this to happen. But I do. When Tucker was a wee pup, he would grab my TOMS and Uggs and run around with them- he wouldn’t chew on them but he wanted us to chase him. He still does this. I exchange a treat for the shoe. And yes, he has damaged some and that is all my fault. This is bad, I repeat again. But if he gets into my closet, I’d much rather him grab my shoes than underwear or socks. Again, yes, I know this is bad.

Being outside: Tucker is an apartment dog. We don’t have a yard ( a fenced in yard is on my list of requirements for a house one day). So we spend a lot of time walking. He loves to be outside. He also loves nature. The crazy dude who hates to even jump up in my Jeep throws caution to the wind on the hiking trails- yesterday we took him out and there were two big logs obstructing our path- before we knew it or could figure out what he would do, Tucker jumped right over them. Jason and I looked at each other like WHO IS THIS DOG? He also LOVES to sit out on our balcony. He could sit out there for hours if we let him, just watching the world go by and snoozing.

Ice Cubes: If you have a puppy, you have to get them to play with ice cubes. Cutest thing ever. Tucker would bat them around, bark at them, etc before eating them. While he’s since graduated from those silly puppy days and will mostly just eat them, I can still catch him playing with them and batting them around at times.

Greeting Other Dogs: Tucker loves other dogs. He just loves some more than others. Sometimes we walk past other dogs calmly with no need to play or sniff. Other times, he lays down. Sometimes I think it’s a bit submissive but other times it’s just what he does- he lays down until they get close and then he pounces- or gets the zoomies- especially if he knows them. If he doesn’t, I always tell the person he’s very friendly but may pounce. He has “types” too. He LOVES black labs. I mean, he loves all labs but black labs- especially black lab ladies. He can’t get enough. And the zoomies. I’m shocked I haven’t torn an ACL or blown my knee out yet with him (knock on wood).

These are just a few Tucker-isms. What’s something your dog does that makes you smile?



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