Weekly Wrap: Thank Dog It’s Friday

This week was LONG. But first, does anyone ever feel like this?

Holy Moly that is how I am feeling today with some projects on my plate. It’s also how I sometimes feel with being a dog mom, a wife, etc. Then I remember another saying I love: Fake it til you Make it. Or, if you really can’t figure it out, drink some wine and maybe the answer will come to you.

ANYWAY, this week we had a legislative fly in, which for those unfamiliar is where the members of our association come in and meet with their members of Congress. It was a great conference, but I am worn out. I spent two nights in a hotel and realized I suffer from major separation anxiety from Tucker. Well, maybe not realized..I already knew that to some extent, but I didn’t like not seeing him for two days. And I was only 3 miles away! I didn’t even sleep in and I could have. I woke up at the same time I would wake up to walk Tuck.

Tucker was either also bothered by it, or he wanted to try and make confetti for my homecoming as I came home to this on Tuesday afternoon:


Yup. He pulled a part the fuzzy bath mat that has sat mostly undisturbed for 2 plus years in our bathroom. And no, he didn’t do it neatly, this was after I reconstructed the incident to make sure he didn’t get anything big. #stillapuppy.

This weekend will be a fun one as it’s my birthday tomorrow so we have a few things planned. It’s been absolutely GORGEOUS here this week and while it’s supposed to be a little cooler out for the weekend, I think there will be lots of outside time.

Here’s a few things I’m loving this week:

  • One Second a Day Guide Dog in Training: I love a good montage. Put something to music and I’ll watch it. Add golden retrievers and I’ll watch it 500 times. I loved this story of Lombard the Guide Dog in Training.So cute!
  • Golden Meets Goat:  This is also an adorable video. I can’t believe how this goldie loves the goat!

Enjoy your weekend!




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