Week That Was: Golden Sunshine

Last weekend at this time we were dealing with our coldest weather of the year and today it was in the sixties! We enjoyed lots of time outside today because I hear the rain is coming and I’m sure it will get cold again.

Our week was busy again…work is a bit crazy and Tucker keeps us busy at night with his antics. He’s such a joy to come home to. We had a new dog walker start this week and so far that seems to be going well. Of course we also celebrated Valentines Day and he gave some bouquets away to the people that work at our front desk. We also booed when the golden retriever didn’t win at Westminster (#robbed). I’ve got a few posts planned this week, including a neat award that I’ve received.

So, with that said…here was a glimpse of our week:


And here’s some things I loved:

Seventeen Signs Your an Overprotective Dog Parent: I swear, it’s like Barkpost has a camera in our house or something..

The Dirty Pooch: Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears: This post is an important reminder to check your pups ears!


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