The Week that Was: Family Style

This week flew by and I’m excited for the weekend. The hub-ster went on a skiing trip with his old roommates so while he’s hopefully not breaking his leg, I’m getting some one on one time with Tucker. Chances are high that neither one of us will make it to the end of the Super Bowl on Sunday as we both have similar theories–mine is that a tired dog is a good dog and Tucker’s is a tired mom is a good mom (he’d also like to add that I’m way more fun with wine).

So, without further adieu, the weekly wrap-up!

I start with BIG NEWS. Last Saturday we met Tucker’s brother Charlie at Frolick Dogs. They have not seen each other since we picked him up but we knew that Charlie lived close thanks to Ivywest’s awesome facebook page (amd BTW, Catherine has redesigned her website!) So, we decide to get the boys together in a doggie gym where they could play and run around safely.  They did play and wrestle a little bit but I think there were so many smells at this doggie gym that they mostly enjoyed running around. Still, you couldn’t deny they are brothers with their big tongues. I am so happy we met Charlie’s family and I’m hoping we can continue to get the boys together.

And here’s what I’m loving this week:

Retired Cop gets to keep his K9 partner: I was outraged at this story at first. They originally told this retired cop that because his K9 partner had more working years, he couldn’t retire and would be auctioned off. To that I say WTF. The community rallied and raised money for him so that he could purchase the pup BUT then the City Law Director found a law that allowed him to purchase the pup for $1. Even better, all the money he raised is going to go to an organization which provides bullet proof vests for law enforcement dogs. I’ve read too many stories lately about K9s getting shot and injured- or killed and it’s time we step up and protect them as well as our police officers.

Frolick Dogs: If you live in the DC area, you should check this place out, especially in these winter months. An indoor space where your dog can play. They also do doggie daycare and space rentals- maybe a place for your pup’s next birthday?

and let’s not forget…


What are you up to this weekend?



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