Weekly Roundup: Dogs Dig Weekends

Everybody’s working for the weekends—including your dog! Do you get those sad puppy dog eyes when you leave for work every morning? I sure do, and I know Tucker is happy to have us home during the days on the weekends.  We don’t have any concrete weekend plans yet except that we must go and buy some more dog food ANNNNDD there might be a bath for someone named Tucker. It’s also a 3 day weekend in our household!


Tucker’s ready for the Weekend

Here’s some things I’m loving this week:

  1. Did you miss my post on treat puzzles? Catch up here!
  2. Operation Moto Dog: I read an article about this woman and her lab Baylor who are on a journey to conquer North America on a motorcycle-sidecar. Check them out! 
  3. Today Show Puppy Wrangler celebrates 1 year: Do you and your dog dig the Today Show? Their “puppy with a purpose,” Guiding Eyes for the Blind Wrangler just celebrated one year on the show. He has a few more months before he goes into formal training. Catch up with his journey thus far.
  4. One Non-Dog Thing: Leah Still, daughter of Devon Still is cancer free. What does she want to do? Go to Penn State and be a cheerleader! We are! # LeahStrong. See her cute video here  

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know my Friday night is going to consist of a glass of wine after what seemed like a very long week and some mindless TV (after Tucker’s walk of course!) Don’t forget you can always check out the Tails of a Crazy Dog Mom on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!



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