Holiday Gift Guide!


There are nine days before Christmas. Nine. If you are a crazy dog mom like me, or just like to include your pup in your holiday celebrations, here are some gifts that I recommend for them as well as a few human treats. Please note this blog is not sponsored and only focuses on my personal recommendations. However, if any of these companies want to throw me a bone (see what I did there?) I wouldn’t turn my tail down at them…

Poop bags (price varies): Everybody poops. There, got that off the bat right away. We live in a nice dog friendly community that provides several “poop stations,” but I like to have my own bags as well (for Tucker, not for me).  Before we got Tucker, a friend told me she buys poop bags in bulk on Amazon. Genius! Get a box and it can last a year or more. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can avoid that awkward moment where your dog poops and you reach into your pocket and say CRAP (literally) as you’ve forgotten the bag, but at least you know you’ll have a huge supply at home.

Whistle Activity Monitor ($79): I’ve spoken about the Whistle before. This activity monitor is awesome. You can track how many minutes of exercise and play your dog gets as well as rest. There’s also ways to log food and medication and track health changes. It’s a small monitor that fits on their collar and Tucker never bothers with it. It also doubles as a way to check when others are with your pet, such as the dog walker, or when your significant other leaves for work in the morning (9 AM, really? I’m busting my butt getting out the door before 8 and you are casually leaving at 9??? Sorry, got off track).  I can’t speak to their GPS tracker that Whistle has now unveiled. It seems a bit bulky for me and you need a subscription plan. For us, the Whistle Activity Monitor does exactly what we need, but it might be cool to try.

Benebone (price varies, around $9-17): Another favorite product I’ve talked about on here. These are great dental chews for your dogs. A friendly reminder, please always watch your dog closely as they chew. Please also note, I go to Chewy for a lot of my products but also frequent other pet stores as well.

Rope Toys- Tucker’s favorites. He loves a good game of tug. We can’t leave ropes with him alone as he will tear them all up. It’s also a good upper body workout for you.

Thowback! Tucker's first night with us.

Throwback! Tucker’s first night with us.

Humans, I didn’t forget about you. Here’s what your pup could get for you:

MASSAGE (price varies): Whether you are walking a teeny pup or a big Great Dane, knowing a massage awaits is always something nice to think about as you are getting pulled down the block.

Leggings/Warm Weather Gear (price varies): It may not feel like winter yet in many parts of the countries, but I know it’s coming. I always can appreciate a fun pair of leggings, or other warm weather gear.

Wine glasses (price varies): I particularly like these that say it’s not drinking alone if the dog is home. Been there, done that.

We hope whatever holiday you celebrate, you are having a joyous December. Please don’t forget your shelters and rescues. This time of year is tight for everyone and many places need donations!

Your turn: what are some of your favorite gifts to give and get?






2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide!

  1. Carly, how does Tucker like his Carrot toy? LOL! Marla loves the rope toys! At 8 weeks, she has developed one really neat tug move that involves a flip to obtain the toy. We really enjoy your blog and can’t thank you enough for all of your advise. It gives us hope for the future with Marla.

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