Thanks-GRAN-iving and Things We’re Loving!


How did everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving? For me it was a bit of a wild last 2 weeks. First I was in Texas for work and then I came home (after a flight cancellation and scurrying to get my butt out of San Antonio) and the next day we were off to PA with Tucker. Tucker stayed with my parents and their goldens, Spenser and Oliver while we flew out to Indiana for Thanksgiving. I absolutely HATE being apart from Tucker but we are so fortunate and thankful that Tucker LOVES his Gran and Bar’s house. Between all the playtime with his Uncle Spenser and Uncle Oliver, I don’t think he missed us one bit! And four paws up to Bar and Gran who made sure Tucker got all his exercise and didn’t seem to ignore my massive number of texts too much.


While we were out in Indiana, some of our friends told me, “we have no idea about your life or what you are up to on Facebook but we sure know what Tucker is up to!” Do I mind that at all? Nope. After all, if you know what Tucker is up to, you pretty much know what I am up to. Occasionally I do something exciting that doesn’t involve Tucker, and that sometimes gets noted but mostly, it’s all Tucker, all the time. Maybe in a past life I was a vet or something but since I’m not exactly an all-star at math or science in this life, crazy dog mom it is. I’m the one with the saved note on her phone about dog poop, the saved links in her web browser with all my crazy dog questions and the one whose phone has over 1,000 photos stored- 99.9% of those are Tucker.  I’m the one that has an activity monitor that tracks Tucker’s exercise and sleep and I breathe a sigh of relief when I see through the app that the dog walker has come.  I am a crazy dog mom. I mean, at least I’m not hiding some elf all over my apartment to watch over Tucker (or maybe I am…..)

Things I’m loving this week!

  • DVGRR Extraordinary Give: As you may recall, Tucker is a big supporter of DVGRR and last entry we asked for your support. I am pleased to tell you that DVGRR did extremely well in this fundraiser. While they don’t know the exact total yet, every cent helps!
  • Therapy Dogs in Airports: Last week as I was stuck in the San Antonio Airport for what seemed like 24 hours (was more like 6), I ran into a gentleman and his golden retriever Faye as part of the Pups and Planes program. The San Antonio airport uses these dogs to help nervous travelers. I got on the floor for a good snuggle. When I came home, I found out that more airports utilize therapy dogs via a story in Barkpost.
  • Benebones: I’ve given Tucker the Benebone that is shaped like a wishbone, but recently got him their newest dental chew which is a bit bigger than their wishbone one. I also got the same for Spenser and Oliver and I heard they were quite the treat. They are very good chews and durable but as a reminder, always monitor your pup when they have bones and chews!
Did someone order some Benebones from Chewy??

Did someone order some Benebones from  Chewy??

Hard to believe this little ball of fur can stretch out so big in the bed...he's beat from a great week!

Hard to believe this little ball of fur can stretch out so big in the bed…he’s beat from a great week!


What are you loving this week?



One thought on “Thanks-GRAN-iving and Things We’re Loving!

  1. So many goldens, I love it! My mom and step dad have the same breed as ours, so when our two Bichons head over to their place, there are five fluffy Bichons just hanging around. And they’re you’re little shadow, you’re never lonely. 🙂

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