Thankful for Two Years!


Dearest Tucker,

Halloween weekend not only brought out tricks and treats, but also birthday fun as you turned 2- complete with you in a hot dog costume and us in ketchup and mustard costumes because it’s only fair–if you have to dress up, we should too.

What can I say that I haven’t already said a million times? That life is better everyday with you in it? That I laugh everyday at your silly antics even if at times some of those very same antics drive me crazy (must you always grab one of my TOMS? Do we really need to play tug with your leash as we’re going down the hallway?)

So how about this: THANK YOU.

Thank you to your “mom” Lady, your “dad” Trouper and your very best first family Ivywest Golden Retrievers. They provided you with loving care as soon as you were born. If I could have a million Ivywest pups, I would.

Thank you to Caring Hands Vets: They are the ones who have to deal with my calls and questions (thank goodness it’s free to call). They are always there when I have a question, concern, or when you are not feeling quite yourself. They’ve also inspired me to learn more about dogs, their behaviors, and their health to be able to make informed decisions on what is best for you.

Tucker0301 4 Monthsa

Thank you to family, friends and coworkers who keep listening and even liking Facebook and Instagram statuses even if they are sick of me: Tucker, you have no idea that when people ask me how you are, they get a 20-30 minute answer whether they want it or not, complete with stories and photos and maybe even videos. The title of my website doesn’t lie, I am a crazy dog mom. A special thanks goes out to your dad and your Gran and Bar for keeping up with me and my ramblings and for providing wine when they need me to stop talking about you.


But most of all…

Thank you to you! Two years have gone by so fast and while I don’t like the idea of you getting older, I’m thankful I don’t feel the puppy teeth anymore. I’m thankful that you like to cuddle and sleep in more. I’m thankful you love going for walks (people comment on how happy you always are!) and you love other dogs. I’m thankful you like wineries and other dog friendly locations and riding in the car. I’m thankful for your crazy greetings when we get home from work. I’m thankful for the hugs and the kisses and for keeping us active (how many hours of playing tug have we had?) I’m thankful you let me brush your teeth and clean your ears. I’m thankful you are you.

tuckercuddles311Tucker0629 Ball with the family (17)tuckspensercuddles0322tucker121414Tucker2115ctucker42615b

And I promise to love you forever, to care for you forever, to hold your paw and rub your tummy. I promise that when the time comes where there might be babies in the house that you won’t be ignored, but loved even more. Because you are my handsome beautiful puppy boy.

tucker103115hTucker0420 Family Shot3tucker71215aTucker0208b Nap TimeTucker0411a (2)


Tucker0430 (6)


3 thoughts on “Thankful for Two Years!

  1. This is so amazing! Straight from the heart and definitely how I feel about our sweet Leo. He is the center of our world. Wonderfully said about two amazing years and the joy that our amazing companions bring to our lives. Happy Birthday, Tucker! You are loved!

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