Summer Vacation

These are not the dog days of summer in Northern Virginia. If they were the dog days of summer, they would not be 90 degrees with a feels like temperature of 110 degrees and extremely uncomfortable humidity and dangerous dewpoints. They would be perfectly comfortable temperatures, perfect for walking dogs at any time of day and sitting outside.

However, this blog has definitely been on summer vacation the past two months. It’s not like there hasn’t been things going on, there’s been a lot. We’ve gone swimming, taken trips to Pennsylvania, gone to the wineries, enjoyed a 4th of July staycation, etc. It’s just as the weather warms, I do not want to be in front of a computer writing, I want to be out doing. I’ve missed writing though, and I have a ton of stories to catch you all up on and some new ideas I’d like to share.

So, be like Tucker..sit back, relax and get ready for some posts!

Ready, Set, READ!!

           Ready, Set, READ!!

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