Saving Pets Challenge 2015: Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

I would like to take a time-out from Tucker’s adventures and tell you about an organization that is very near and dear to my heart. You may have read about the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue before, and now I’d like to request your support for this great organization.

How did you become a dog mom/dad/family member? Some people get puppies from breeders (that’s what we did) and some people adopt dogs from rescues and shelters. Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue, located in Eastern PA provides new beginnings for displaced Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles. Since 1993, they have placed over 4500 golden retrievers and other DVGRR dogs into homes. My family first became acquainted with the organization when we were looking for a sibling to join Emily,the golden matriarch of our family. At 5 years old, we had noticed that she really enjoyed when other dogs stayed with us and thought it was time to get her a sibling. While we didn’t go with a DVGRR pup at that time, we started supporting the organization and other friends adopted through DVGRR.

Fast forward to the end of 2014 and the start of 2015—Emily, our golden matriarch passed away at the age of 13, leaving a void in our family’s life. My parents weren’t sure what route they wanted to take for their next dog. They have Spenser, an 8-year-old sweet golden retriever and wasn’t sure if they wanted to get a new puppy or adopt, but knew that Spenser missed having another dog. They started looking and put in an application for DVGRR which was approved. After they were approved, they could set up appointments to visit the dogs that were ready for adoption. They wanted to see Oliver, a sweet 4-year-old golden who had been picked up as a stray and not claimed. Off they went with Spenser to meet Oliver. All 3 of them immediately fell in love with Oliver and Oliver was adopted by our family and was in his fur-ever home that afternoon.

My brother Oliver!

My brother Oliver!

We miss Emily everyday but Oliver (or as I call him Oliver Wiggles) has brightened our days. He exhibits many of the same Emily quirks which is uncanny and has become a real love to all family members. We are forever grateful for DVGRR for all the care they gave Oliver and for all the care they give to other dogs. I constantly remind Tucker how lucky he is–some dogs have faced horrible circumstances in their lives, but organizations such as DVGRR have helped those dogs undergo incredible transformations. I would love to be able to adopt a DVGRR one day when we have a little more space for 2 goldens!

Oliver and Tucker goofing off

Oliver and Tucker goofing off



Now, how can you help? Well that’s easy! DVGRR is participating in the Saving Pets Challenge 2015, a fundraising campaign in which animal shelters, rescue groups, and spay/neuter clinics from around the country compete for over $100,000 in grants toward innovative programs. It’s a one month challenge and the organization that raises the most wins a $50,000 donation. ALL DONATIONS GO BACK TO DVGRR.

So, could you spare a few dollars? I know that you can! Please go here to donate (it’s my mom’s personal fundraising page for DVGRR) And if you are looking for a golden retriever, check out DVGRR’s Available Dogs page. Maybe you’ll find your next fur-child!

Tucker models a DVGRR bandanna

Tucker models a DVGRR bandanna

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Editor’s Note: I’ve since learned DVGRR has helped over 4500 goldens. Please consider helping this great organization today!

One thought on “Saving Pets Challenge 2015: Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

  1. Goldens are nothing but boundless love! Mine is the first “thing” I’d grab in a fire…who am I kidding? He would probably drag me out by my toe! Most tolerant, wonderful, soulful and emphatic animals on the planet–humans included ❤

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