A love letter and birthday wishes

“Dogs live most of life in Quiet Heart. Humans live mostly next door in Desperate Heart. Now and then will do you good to live in our zip code.”-Trixie Koontz, Bliss to You.

Tucker turned 1 on Halloween and I was preparing to write a post about the day and some of Tucker’s quirks the past year that I hope to never forget. I will still do so in future posts, but as I was preparing to write this post, I received some news that shook me. My parents have two golden retrievers, and the grand queen, Emily is 13 years old. She has been the picture of perfect health and pretty much perfect in every way throughout her 13 years. Sadly, she has been experiencing some seizures over the past few weeks that have shook my parents and sent them straight to the vet. She would have these episodes and then be fine according to my mom- eating, drinking, pottying and being her perky self. But these episodes were terrifying. Dr. Jose took blood work and they couldn’t find anything and she has been referred to a neurologist. They put her on some medicine and she hasn’t had any seizures since. The vet was pleased to see she was alert and acting normally and we can only hope for the best. Because quite simply put, if there had never been an Emily, I doubt there would be a Tucker.

Family photo with Tucker, Emily and Spenser

Family photo with Tucker, Emily and Spenser

I don’t want to go on and on about Emily- I could do several posts on her, but suffice it to say,  she is the Queen of the Simpson Family. She has seen several two-legged and four-legged creatures enter her life, all to serve her of course, has seen kids through college (no easy feat with my brother), and been the Comforter in Chief, aka Doctor of the Simpson family, nursing all of us through surgeries and other maladies. She’s a retired therapy dog and one of my favorite stories is when Spenser, who entered her life just after she turned 5—a crazy male golden retriever– got neutered. Oh Spenser was so sad after that. He was laying on my mom’s lap and Emily was sitting on the couch, virtually ignoring him when all of a sudden, Emily got off her perch and away she went- frantically searching for something. What happened next amazed me. She got Spenser’s lovie, a little stuffed animal and gently nudged it on my mom’s lap next to Spenser. I had always known the powerful feelings dogs could have, but was blown away by this. So, hearing that Emily was now not feeling well the other day shook me-and I was glad to have Tucker to come home to.

I'm a Shark!

I’m a Shark!

I composed myself and went about the rest of the day, anxious to get home and give Tucker a hug and start the celebration. The celebration did not disappoint. When you are born on Halloween, of course you must have a costume! Tucker was a shark and he had been invited to a Halloween party at a neighboring apartment complex (yep, we don’t get invited to parties but our pup does). We went over there and he played with dogs dressed up as dragons, spiders, cookie monsters, oh my! We couldn’t have all our energy go to the Halloween party since we had a birthday party at home to get to! The Simpson family does birthdays and we do them well. I could not let Tucker’s birthday pass with just a mention. Oh nope..there were presents! A new personalized collar, rope toy and bones…there was a birthday cookie and there was love. The birthday boy was totally worn out.

Tucker's birthday cookie

Tucker’s birthday cookie

We got up the next day to a good report from Emily–no seizures and the drugs, while making her a bit unsteady appear to be working. If you are wondering about Tucker and Emily’s relationship, I know she loves the little tyke, but she keeps her distance a bit from him when we visit- I don’t think intentionally, but more because he’s a bit of a wild pup and Spenser and him really love to wrestle…leaving Queen Emily to monitor the craziness.

Tucker in October

Tucker in October

Our birthday wish is that we have several more birthdays with Queen Emily. There’s still so much left for Tucker to learn and there’s so much more love we have to give to our sweet Queen Emily.

One of my favorites

One of my favorites


First Christmas photo

First Christmas photo

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