Tucker is turning 1!

I know I said I would write more in my last blog post. Every week night and weekend, I put a blog post on my to do list. Every weekend and week night, guess what happens? I get distracted. Either playing with Tucker, snuggling with Tucker, tiring out Tucker, or trying to have a life. In fact, I sat down to write this blog a half hour ago. What has happened? Tucker took my bagel, wanted to play tug of war, and now while I try to type this on the balcony is investigating every wood piece out there. However, I do want to write more and I do want to share some more Tucker adventures. So here’s what we’ve been up to:

We went to Gran’s house for a weekend where we played with Emily and Spenser and Bailey, my brother’s golden. Those weekends always tire us out and my parents house is the best “dog park” there is.

We actually went to dog parks here. I am a little leery of dog parks but I know it’s good for Tucker to run around and play with other dogs. While I haven’t mastered going to the dog park by myself with him, and my husband always has to go with us, I’ve stopped being such a helicopter mom and let my dog play.

We have continued our CGC class and he’s doing great. I’ve seen real progress and will be sad when it ends this week.

We moved into a bigger apartment within our complex. He’s still adjusting but thus far I think he likes it.

And the biggest: Friday is not only Halloween but Tucker’s 1st birthday. We are pretty excited and I do promise a blog entry will be coming celebrating our boy turning 1 this weekend.

Until then, puppy hugs and kisses.

Carly and Tucker

Tucker with Uncle Spenser and Uncle Bailey. Teaching him everything they know!

Tucker with Uncle Spenser and Uncle Bailey. Teaching him everything they know!


Tucker and his new dog bed.


Moving is ruff. Think I will just sleep here.


Dog Park mid run.

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