September to Remember

Greetings! I have to say that regularly blogging is harder than I expected. It’s already been more than a month since my last post. Everyday life busy-nessĀ and not wanting to be at the computer when I am home from work can make this challenging. Tucker turned 10 months old at the end of August. We’ve had adventures in Great Falls National Park, some more dog park fun, and we just started our Canine Good Citizens Class this week. We also checked another monument to visit off our list and went to see the Lincoln Memorial a few weeks ago. Of course, the month wasn’t without some concern- we had some tummy aches and the dreaded diarrhea. Something was going around our neighborhood. We’re fortunate to have wonderful vets- Caring Hands Animal Hospital who handle this crazy dog mom with incredible patience.

We’re fortunate to live in a very dog friendly area of Arlington, VA and today we will be attending Pups n Pilsners- an outdoor beer garden that is ALLLL about the dogs. Last year we went to the eventĀ before we had Tucker and felt so left out without a dog. I can’t wait to bring him today thought I hope it’s not too overwhelming for him. Fall is starting to descend on us and cooler temperatures are allowing for some great walks.

I promise to start blogging more and hope I can meet more dog parents. I love learning from you all.

Carly and Tucker

Tucker has to deal with 2 college teams and 2 NFL teams to root for. Purdue with Daddy...

Tucker has to deal with 2 college teams and 2 NFL teams to root for. Purdue with Daddy…


And Penn State with Mommy. He also roots for the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers


At Great Falls- all Tucker wanted to do was run and jump in the rocks. Mommy is a city girl and was a bit more nervous about the terrain..


Lincoln Memorial!


Family Portrait. Crazy pup, crazy parents.