Nine Months Mischief

Tucker turned 9 months old on July 31…and is full of mischief making. Anyone with puppies will tell you that their dogs can absolutely exhaust them at times and Tucker is no exception. Though even when I start to reach my breaking point, he sucks me back in with a cuddle, cute trick, or, well just being him. I cannot believe he is 9 months old already. I miss the puppy snuggles of the first few months when he could lay on my chest and sleep…but I love seeing his personality come to the surface. He is a smiley boy who, while cautious with people and dogs he doesn’t know, is FULL of love for those he does. If he meets you once, you are generally a friend for life. I love that he barks softly at 6 AM, telling me, it’s time to get up and have a cuddle before breakfast. I love that he will follow me anywhere- even the bathroom (ok, that one may be a bit too much), and well, I just love everything about him. Simply put, I could (and do) learn a lot from Tucker.

We’re both a work in progress when it comes to many things. For Tucker, it’s learning how to get through walks without pulling. I love his zest and energy for life and being in the outdoors, but I don’t love getting pulled and having a crazy panting dog. For me, I’m working on getting that adventurous spirit that Tucker has—minus the pulling!

What do you learn from your dog?

Tucker Time!

Tucker Time!

Tucker and Daddy!

Tucker and Daddy!

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