Happy Father’s Day! Guest Post from Tucker

Just like Daddy

Just like Daddy

Carly’s Note: From time to time, Tucker will be guest posting on here.

Dear Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day! Sure, I know there are people out there that will say because you don’t have a two legged kid yet that you aren’t really a father. Let’s not be friends with any of those people. Of course you are a dad, you are my dad! So let’s get this Father’s Day post started!

First, I want to apologize for taking Mommy away. Actually, I’m not sorry about that. #sorryI’mnotsorry. You had her for plenty of years. Time to share the love. Like I get 99.9% of Mommy’s love and you get that teeny tiny percent left over. See, I share!

Thank you for not singing on walks like Mommy does sometimes. True, it gets me walking but that’s because I am embarrassed. Have you heard her sing Let it Go? I want to bark Let it Go Mommmmmmy!

Thank you for teaching Mommy how to semi-chill and not become too much of a smotherer (after all, you can’t spell smother without mother). These sentences will automatically delete as soon as you read them, to be replaced with LOVE YOU MOMMY but sometimes it’s best when we have our guy time and Mommy goes to have her girl time.

Thanks for making the worlds best kongs and bones for when you leave in the morning. I do miss you when you go to work, I do, but man I love those kongs.

Thank you for signing me up for puppy classes and being diligent with my training. I am turning into a fine young pup thanks to you.

Thanks for taking me along on trips to the wineries, parks, restaurants, etc. I love being social.

Finally, thanks for writing that email to Mommy last fall that said “Do you think we can handle a puppy?” This sent Mommy and Gran off on a puppyhunt worthy of FBI manhunt status on the AKC website to find reputable breeders which led them to Ivywest Golden Retrievers and ME!

I am the world’s luckiest pup to have you as a Daddy!


Dad and Me...

Dad and Me…

Handsome Dude

Tucker meets Mommy and Daddy

Tucker meets Mommy and Daddy

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