Wineries, World Cup, and Tucker, oh my!

Tucker at Three Foxes

Tucker at Three Foxes

First I would like to apologize for not posting since Father’s Day. I had a work conference and then I was under the weather, and of course I had to spend time with Tucker! Tucker did well when I was away- it was hot but my husband did a good job keeping him occupied. So, let’s get into some of the fun things that have happened the past few days.

The weekends we try to tire Tucker out as much as possible because as we say, a tired dog is a happy dog. FYI, the same thing works for husbands! Luckily the weather cooperated and it was not as warm or humid as it had been the previous few days. On Saturday we went to our last puppy playtime at our training center. Tucker was getting a little on the older side of the puppies and this weekend we are going to my parents house so we decided his puppy playtime at the training school will end and be replaced by more trips to the dog park and Canine Good Citizens classes in the fall. Then we had some longer walks in the neighborhood but Sunday was our Funday!

One of the best things about living in the DC area is the abundance of dog friendly places. We visited three dog friendly wineries: Barrel Oak, Fox Meadow and Three Foxes. We had been to them pre-dog, but having Tucker there made it so much nicer! Barrel Oak was our first stop and it was huge! They were having a cocker spaniel rescue adoption day among other things and the place was crawling with other dogs. One of the nice things was that they had several wine tasting areas set up- inside and outside. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the wines there, I did love the atmosphere and would love to go back. Our next stop was Fox Meadow and while we didn’t do a tasting, we did sit on their gorgeous patio and have a glass of wine while Tucker enjoyed his Himalayan Dog Chew. Our last stop was Three Foxes. This one was by far my favorite. Like Barrel Oak, they also had outside tastings with super friendly staff. After the tasting, we actually sat in the vineyard and had some food. If you like wine, I would definitely recommend all three!

Tucker is also actively watching the World Cup! Today, I tweeted a photo of Tucker to the Today Show and they retweeted it. Tucker is famous!

This weekend we are taking tomorrow off and going to PA to visit my parents and their two goldies so Tucker will be in heaven and it will be another fun and tiring weekend for him.

Now here’s a question for my readers: What do you do to tire your dog out, especially if there is warmer weather? How about chews and bones? What do you give your pup?

Til next time…


Tucker at the Winery

Tucker at the Winery


I believe that we will win!

I believe that we will win!




Happy Father’s Day! Guest Post from Tucker

Just like Daddy

Just like Daddy

Carly’s Note: From time to time, Tucker will be guest posting on here.

Dear Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day! Sure, I know there are people out there that will say because you don’t have a two legged kid yet that you aren’t really a father. Let’s not be friends with any of those people. Of course you are a dad, you are my dad! So let’s get this Father’s Day post started!

First, I want to apologize for taking Mommy away. Actually, I’m not sorry about that. #sorryI’mnotsorry. You had her for plenty of years. Time to share the love. Like I get 99.9% of Mommy’s love and you get that teeny tiny percent left over. See, I share!

Thank you for not singing on walks like Mommy does sometimes. True, it gets me walking but that’s because I am embarrassed. Have you heard her sing Let it Go? I want to bark Let it Go Mommmmmmy!

Thank you for teaching Mommy how to semi-chill and not become too much of a smotherer (after all, you can’t spell smother without mother). These sentences will automatically delete as soon as you read them, to be replaced with LOVE YOU MOMMY but sometimes it’s best when we have our guy time and Mommy goes to have her girl time.

Thanks for making the worlds best kongs and bones for when you leave in the morning. I do miss you when you go to work, I do, but man I love those kongs.

Thank you for signing me up for puppy classes and being diligent with my training. I am turning into a fine young pup thanks to you.

Thanks for taking me along on trips to the wineries, parks, restaurants, etc. I love being social.

Finally, thanks for writing that email to Mommy last fall that said “Do you think we can handle a puppy?” This sent Mommy and Gran off on a puppyhunt worthy of FBI manhunt status on the AKC website to find reputable breeders which led them to Ivywest Golden Retrievers and ME!

I am the world’s luckiest pup to have you as a Daddy!


Dad and Me...

Dad and Me…

Handsome Dude

Tucker meets Mommy and Daddy

Tucker meets Mommy and Daddy

The Power of Himalayan Dog Chews and Friendship…

I never knew something called Himalayan Dog Chews existed until my wonderful best friend Kim gave one to Tucker.  I was hesitant at first –  my parents golden retrievers always just have regular bones or Greenies and I wasn’t sure how Tucker would do with these.

Well….these chews are Tucker’s favorites and while he doesn’t get them every day (he wishes), he will get them when we do stuff like take him to wineries, take him out to lunch or dinner, or times where we need to distract him. From their website, they are 100% natural, no preservatives, no additives. They look a little bit like garlic bread when chewed on for hours, but Tucker gives them 4 paws up.  If I let him, Tucker would gobble these up in a day, but as he is a big chewer, I monitor him and take them away after a certain time. Not that there’s anything wrong with giving him the whole thing mind you, but that’s just what I do.

We have Kim to thank for introducing us to these treats and for so much more. I hope you are all as lucky to have someone like Kim in your life.  She is Tucker’s “God Mother” and without her I am not sure I would have survived the first 7 months of Tucker’s puppyhood thus far. She is a Mom as well to the lovely Oscar, Tucker’s very good friend. Oscar is a precocious adorable pug who has a tendency to get into a little mischief and who thinks he’s bigger than he really is.

Do you know those moms of children who spend all day  talking about their kids? Well, that’s pretty much what Kim and I do with our puppies when we aren’t talking about the latest celeb gossip. Kim has shown us all of the products we must have, what vet to go to,  what’s normal vs. what is not, when to freak out, when not to freak out, and has loved Tucker unconditionally.  A day doesn’t go by where we are not texting a photo of our pups, trading stories (Tucker did this, Oscar did that). We’ve laughed and cried over our dogs and their antics. Just about the only thing we disagree on and I wouldn’t even say it’s a disagreement but more of a fashion choice is Oscar tends to favor the bow ties where Tucker is more of a bandanna dude.

So here’s to friendship and Himalayan Dog Chews…may you have someone and something just as wonderful in your dog’s life!


Kim and I

Kim and I


Oscar and Tucker


Tucker and Oscar

A little about myself…

Hello! Thanks for stumbling upon my new blog. My name is Carly and like many people, I am a crazy dog mom who resides in the DC area. I am a mom to Tucker, a 7 month old Golden Retriever who stole my heart possibly even before I ever laid eyes on him. I grew up around dogs and my family is full of golden retrievers. My parents have two, Emily who is 13 years young and Spenser who is 7 and my brother has Spenser’s littermate, Bailey. While we are all a little golden retriever obsessed, I love all dogs 🙂

So, what should you expect to get out of this blog? Well, stories about Tucker and others, product reviews, observations, and maybe even a little glimpse into my life outside dogs (does that exist?) What do I hope to get from this blog? Well, I hope to meet more crazy dog moms, dads, and other family members, people who love dogs but can’t have them right now (I feel for you- I was one of those before we took the plunge and got Tucker!) and everyone else!

So, while I’m still new at this blogging stuff, please bear with me as I work out the kinks and learn new stuff. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy!



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